Season's your soul.

Spirit Spice is a new kind of inspirational fuel, sparking a peaceful, beautiful and intentional lifestyle. We are a brand that provides just the right amount of life’s essential ingredients, LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, and TRUTH. We promote quality over quantity and are rooted in giving back  by curating and designing a spectacular collection of products that generate financial donations to life-changing, humanitarian causes. Please click here to learn more.

"Spirit Spice” an idea driven by the power of the Holy Spirit to help touch, transform and spark a fresh new zest for an abundant life!  Uncover your deep inner life waiting to burst through obstacles, circumstances, and boundaries , the very things that may be keeping you from experiencing a rich, flavorful spirit-driven life.

You’ll see a change from the inside out that will bring a peace and freedom that is indescribable, urging you to share this “recipe” with others.

A full measure of Love                                               Unconditional Love of God
A sprinkling Hope                                                      Hope of Jesus Christ's Return
A pinch of Faith                                                         Bible kinds of Believing
Mix in Truth                                                              The Word of God is ultimate truth


Combine these 4 essential ingredients 
Garnish with a dash of your own rich, bold flavor
Repeat daily for best results


Quite literally it’s a” recipe” that will transform your mind body and spirit into a realm of peace, joy, beauty, and comfort. Taste a whole new way to replace life’s anxieties, burdens and fear into your own powerful spice by blending Love, Hope, Faith and Truth into your everyday circumstances. It awakens your thoughts and comforts your soul, season and stir up your soul to discover your own true “Spirit Spice”.



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